"Word Lists on a Palm"  






About PalmSurv

PalmSurv was first discussed as a real possibility sometime in early 2001.   The survey team at the time expressed to one of the computer programmers how tedious it was to re-enter word list data into WordSurv for analysis and how nice it would be if we could elicit the word lists in a way that would remove the redundancy.

After discussing some of the program design, he set about designing a prototype with extremely basic functionality for use as a proof-of-concept at an upcoming conference.   The concept was well-received at the conference but without sufficient time to dedicate to its development (as well as a lack of programmers for the PalmOS), PalmSurv remained a proof-of-concept and a dream only.

The PalmSurv concept was presented at the Computer Technical Conference in Fall 2002, and due to the support it received there (as well as the contacts made), PalmSurv is moving beyond the proof-of-concept-only stage.  Shortly after the conference, Ed Barker agreed to work on PalmSurv for his senior programming project and is still the active programmer.  Ambika Shankar collaborated with Ed on the senior project.

Suggestions and ideas are welcome!  Please send development feedback using the links provided on the Development page.  Report dead links or ideas for improving this site to webmaster-at-palmsurv.cyboreal.com (replace the -at- with @).