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Basic Tour: PalmSurv Setup


This tour is designed to lead you through the use of the PalmSurv program.

PalmSurv is best evaluated on a handheld device, but even if you don't have a Palm, you can try PalmSurv on a Windows computer using the Palm Simulator.

Handheld Setup

If you want to try it on a handheld that runs Palm OS 3.5 or higher, download the PSdatabases.zip file containing PalmSurv and some sample PalmSurv databases. Unzip the PSDatabases.zip file, and install all of the PDB files and PalmSurv.PRC onto your handheld using the Palm Desktop Install Tool. When PalmSurv is installed, launch it and proceed to the next step in this tour. (Note: it is always a good idea to back up your handheld's data before trying out beta software.)

Palm Simulator Setup

The Palm Simulator is available for download from PalmSource. Any version should work, but the 5.2 Release version is suggested.

After download, unzip the Palm Simulator ZIP file Palm_OS_52_Simulator_Rel.zip. A directory named "Release" is generated during file extraction.

Download the PSdatabases.zip file, containing PalmSurv and some sample PalmSurv databases. Unzip it, rename it "AutoLoad", and move it into the simulator's Release directory.

In the Release directory, run PalmSim.exe

Read and respond to the license agreement page.

In the "Open ROM File" dialog, navigate to the Release directory if it is not already shown. You should see three .rom file choices. For PalmSurv testing purposes, NTFull_enUS.rom is the best choice.

The Palm OS Simulator is launched. If the simulator behaves strangely on the first run (blank screen, no response to taps, etc.), simply exit and re-run PalmSim.exe.

You will be asked to calibrate the screen by "tapping" at three different places. Do so using mouse clicks. It's important to be accurate, otherwise you will spend some time on this screen.

After calibration, the Preferences screen is displayed. Click on the "Applications" silkscreen button at lower left. The Application Launch screen appears, and PalmSurv should be in the third row down on the left.

Tap on the PalmSurv icon to launch it. You are now ready for the next step.